To You

How many times you giveaway signed playing card to audience only to find that they simply leave it on the table? This is because a signed playing card is not special at all to your audience. If you were to giveaway souvenirs to your audience, make sure you give them something truly special and meaningful, something they really want to bring home and show their friends with.

To You will do that for you.

Transform a signed playing card into a real thank you card, a Merry X’mas card, your own business card, or even promotional material for your corporate clients.

To You is professional magician’s dream come true! It offers endless possibilities for customization.

If you make a living from performing magic professionally, you should instantly recognize the commercial value and practicality of To You.

Use it for any festival or any occasion: Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas and many more…

Included in the package:

  • 20 “To You” cards
  • 20 sets of “Prediction” and “will choose 2 of Diamonds” stickers
  • Enough for 20 performances
  • 2 Double Backers
  • over an hour of online instructional videos

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