Sponge Money Sign

Sponge Money Sign is a true commercial worker!

Imagine the power of blessing your spectator to MAKE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY and MAKE BIG MONEY!

Sponge Money Sign is much more than a new sponge magic accessory, it's the perfect tool to illustrate various asset management concepts.

Guaranteed to grant you stronger competitive edge when doing interviews for trade shows, corporate shows and especially shows from financial industry.

Guaranteed to enhance the likelihood for you to get higher tips if you work in nightclubs or casinos.

In our creative director Zenneth Kok 's own words, he is creating professional competition to himself by releasing this gem.

A sponge money sign magically appears from inside a bag less purse and starting to multiply, appear inside spectator’s closed fist and finally a jumbo sized money sign appears.

Included in the package:

  • 5 mini money sign
  • 3 regular money sign
  • 1 jumbo money sign
  • 1 Bag less Purse
  • Web address for over 20 minutes of online instructional video
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