Quintet by Dixon Lee & Zenneth Kok

Quintet is one of the strongest and straight forward four of a kind transformations ever created.

Spectator names all four kings one by one, two red kings are placed in spectator's own hands and magician holds two black kings. Just when spectator expects the two pairs of kings would swap places, all four Kings magically transformed into four Aces.

Inspired by Guy Hollingworth's Quartet, Dixon Lee came up with a set of gaff cards in 2004 that are capable of accomplishing similar effects with much ease. Zenneth Kok then took upon the concept and developed more magical applications with them.

Taught in the instructional video is the featured routine of Quintet - Observation Test.

Comes complete with:

  • Quintet - gaff cards on Bicycle card stock
  • Online instructional video URL card that explains the handling in full detail

Quintet (Red Bicycle Rider Back gaff cards) - $19.90 USD
Quintet (Blue Bicycle Rider Back gaff cards) - $19.90 USD
Quintet (set of two, Red and Blue Bicycle Rider back gaff cards) $29.90 USD

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