Life Monte

Love is Life. And if you miss love, you miss life.

Based on Emerson & West’s Color Monte, Life Monte is a no throw three card monte routine with a romantic twist.

Over the years, our chief creative director Zenneth Kok has developed several presentations and handling touches for Color Monte. Among them, Life Monte is his absolute favourite, in which he uses in his magic convention guest act and commercial shows to a great success.


Magician invites a female spectator for an observation test. He shows 3 cards, 2 with "I Miss You" on it and 1 with "I Love You" on it. As the test proceeds, female spectator says " I Miss You" and "I Love You" to the magician several times (guaranteed to get a great reaction from the crowd). In the last phase of the test, magicians shows 1 card to be "I Miss You" and another card to be "I Love You", spectator is asked to guess the last card... It's neither "I Miss You" nor "I Love You", but an unexpected surprise!

Comes complete with:

  • Two sets of specially printed cards on Red Bicycle Rider Back Card Stock
  • Online Instructional Video URL card
  • Live Performance Video Footage from Commercial Shows

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