Amour Magic Collection Series 2

Amour Magic Collection Series 2

The first series of Amour Magic Collection is our all time best seller, we received numerous requests for new releases in this product line since the original launch. Well...the wait is over, we proudly present the new series of Amour Magic Collection, this is a short parlour act on its own!

Life Monte: Based on Emerson & West’s Color Monte, Life Monte is a no throw three card monte routine with a romantic twist. Over the years, our chief creative director Zenneth Kok has developed several presentations and handling touches for Color Monte. Among them, Life Monte is his absolute favourite, in which he uses in his magic convention guest act and commercial shows to a great success.

Love Monte: This is a simplified handling and alternative presentation for Jamie Badman's Misdirection Monte. Spectator is invited to participate in a game of monte to win the special prize from the magician.

Life Monte & Love Monte use the same set of specially printed cards, you'll receive:

  • 6 specially cards printed on Red Bicycle Rider Back Card Stock
  • Online Instructional Video URL card

Bubble Cake by Chung Wei Tung (Taiwan) & Zenneth Kok: Transforming a bubble into solid object was an idea conceived by Finn Jon, which has been favored by stage manipulators for years. Bubble cake opens up the door to do this effect in close up or parlour shows, you'll receive:

  • a cake shaped bubble liquid container
  • a pipette
  • a deck sleeve to bounce the bubble
  • a deck of Luxury Edition Amour Playing Cards
  • a ball shaped ring box
  • Online Instructional Video URL card

Rose To You:

This handling of To You was created by Zenneth for an international renowned luxury goods brand, in addition to the original To You, now you can produce a real rose as the climax. You will receive:

  • Rose Sticker x 6
  • To You Cards x 6
  • a Rose Ring Holder
  • a Rose Holder/Money Clip
  • Online Instructional Video URL card

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