fatboy Playing Cards (Sold Out)

Refreshing, that is our first impression of this beautiful deck of cards.

Simplicity in back design with a strong color contrast, the fatboy playing cards was designed by fatboyeatallday, which is a Hong Kong street fashion brand and online store that sells their own line of life style goods. We discovered this deck by a pleasant coincidence and even more merrier to learn this deck was printed in Taiwan with high quality paper stock.

We approached fatboyeatallday without any hesitation and made a special arrangement with them to bring you the fatboy playing cards. Unfortunately, the production of this deck is very limited, we only have a little more than 700 decks in stock.

Stiff, snappy and great for fanning, this deck is very durable and offers a unique hand feel that you will enjoy.

Price List:

1 Deck - $10.9 USD
4 Decks - $39 USD
8 Decks - $74 USD

Special dozen deal:
10 decks of Fatboy playing cards +
1 Pair of Black and White New Fan Back playing Cards - $115USD

12 Decks - $107 USD
Eligible for Black and White New Fan Back playing Cards

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