fatboy Playing Cards 3rd Edition(Sold Out)

When we announced fatboy v.2 completely sold out with us, literally within minutes, we received emails from our customers asking whether we will collaborate with fatboyeatallday to bring out new editions.

Coincidentally, several customers suggested us to release an inverted edition of v.1 fatboy. We know it’s going to be a sure bet to do so, but we have always wanted to do Black and Purple for they carry more coolness.

Therefore, we created a public poll for our customers to decide which colour combination they would like to see better. As a result, Black and Purple won by majority, so here is it:

Fatboy v.3 Playing Cards.


3 Tee Shirts Artwork Cards

  • Red/Blue Back Four of Diamonds
  • Infinitee
  • This is Called Cardistry

1 Blank Face Card

1 Deck $10.9 USD
4 Decks $39 USD
8 Decks $74 USD

Order Quantity eligible for $25 USD a pair of New Fan Back playing cards offer:

12 Decks $107 USD (+$25USD for 1 pair of B&W New Fan Back playing cards)
24 Decks $200 USD (+$50USD for 2 pairs of B&W New Fan Back playing cards)

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