Special Offer: Black & White New Fan Back

2020 Update: We no longer have sufficient stock to run this offer anymore, the very last batch of Black & White New Fan Back will only be available via our 12 Decks Bundle:


In 2011, our Cheif Creative Director Zenneth Kok reprinted the Black New Fan Back playing cards and a new color scheme White New Fan Back playing cards. 5000 decks of Black New Fan Back decks were printed successfully but only 1000 White New Fan Back decks were manufactured due to factory mistake.

These decks were very well received among magicians and playing cards collectors for their superfine quality and classic back design.

4000 decks of Black New Fan Back were sold out in only 3 days after official launch, the remaining stock were reserved for Zenneth's personal use. Only a small quantity of the White New Fan Back cards will be made available to market as a special promotion.

To celebrate the official launch of Coterie1902, Zenneth decided to donate some of these fine decks from his private reserve and make them available at Coterie1902.com.

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