The Question Playing Cards

Mystery. Suspense. Challenge. Individual Expression. Way of Life.

Started as a challenge to design a deck of cards to elevate the effect of every single piece of card magic performed with it. We want a playing cards design that projects the sense of mystery, suspense and thrill.

We drew our inspiration from literatures, artworks, philosophy and life lessons, the result is here: Question deck, a deck of cards is that is conceptually evocative and stimulating.

The Question deck, a wakeup call that urges you to start thinking and a constant reminder of your life values.

  • Printed by USPCC on Aristocrat Paper Stock with Q1 Quality Control
  • Available in Black and Reddish Brown
  • Only 2350 decks for each color

Buyers get equal amount of each color

2 Decks - $18 USD
4 Decks - $34 USD
8 Decks - $62 USD

Pandemic International Shipping Arrangement:

Due to the impact of pandemic, air shipping service is not available for international order over 2.0kgs, if you order more than 12 decks, we could only ship them out via registered surface shipping, which will take up to 180 days for your order to arrive.
If you live outside Asia, please DO NOT place order over 12 decks until air shipping service is resumed between Hong Kong and your country.

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