Coterie Bee Playing Cards [Gold Seal/Unsigned]

We designed the Coterie Bee Gold Edition in year 2011 with its color variations and themes, the original Gold Edition was considered by many as the most elegant Bee playing cards ever conceived.

900 decks out of the initial 5200 decks run were sealed and reserved for Artiste and higher classes members of Coterie of Prestidigitation Artists.

After Coterie Bee Gold Edition was sold out, we planned to proceed with new edition of Coterie Bee. However, after over a year of correspondence and negotiation, USPCC informed us that they will not print Coterie Bee anymore nevertheless.

We had to discontinue the Coterie Bee series and subsequently decided to abandon the Gold Seal Coterie Bee playing cards as part of the Artiste membership package.

650 decks of Gold Seal Coterie Bee playing cards will now be made available for purchase, after they were gone, the remaining stock will become part of our special promotion offer.


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